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Optional Extras

Choose from our huge range of optional extras:

Customisation is one of our core values, and with our expanding range of available options we’ll be able to meet your every need.

Often it’s much easier and more cost effective to include options like insulation, internal walls, skylights, mezzanine floors and ventilation during the initial construction phase as retrofitting them can waste materials and travel time for contractors. These can be fitted in all shapes and sizes of sheds, garages, barns, stables or what ever steel building
you have. Some can make your workshop or storage shed more secure or allow ventilation.

Personal Access Doors & Windows

  • Personal access doors make side or rear entry possible without the added expense of and need to open large roller or sliding doors.
  • Windows add significantly to the comfort of working inside a fair dinkum shed, through providing light and extra ventilation.
  • Both of these extras are very easy to install and can basically be placed anywhere in a Fair Dinkum Shed.

Doors from $270 each

Windows from $169 each

22° Barn Style Windows

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  • These windows add an extra touch of style and additional light to any 22 degree roof pitch building.
  • They specifically look fantastic in American Barn style buildings and Mansard roof structures.

From $115 each

Roller Doors

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  • Roller Doors can be added to side, front and back of your Fair Dinkum shed. These come in a range of sizes from single personal access type rolling doors to large doors for industrial type applications.
  • Adding a remote control to a roller door provides excellent accessibility at an affordable price.
  • Sizes vary from 1.2w to over 5m, can come with a chain drive, motor or be free moving

From $450 each

Glass Sliding Doors

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  • Glass sliding doors can provide a fantastic alternative to the standard personal access door. These are ideal for sheds with a recreational purpose in mind.
  • As with most optional extras these can be positioned at your discretion.

From $699 each


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  • If you plan on spending a large quantity of time in your shed during either the hot summer months or cold winter months you may wish to consider insulation.
  • These products not only insulate well but also looks fantastic on the inside of a Fair Dinkum shed.

From $9 per Linear Metre

Mezzanine Floors

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  • Mezzanine floors can be added to almost all Fair Dinkum sheds.
  • They instantly add and extra dimension and can make great storage use of that generally under used head room.
  • Or alternatively they can be turned into an additional storey in taller sheds.

Quoted per Job

Partition Walls

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  • Partition walls are fantastic for segmenting a section of a building.
  • Roller Doors, personal access doors and windows can all be added to such walls.

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Remote Control Unit

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  • Used to allow easy access to your shed from inside your vehicle.
  • Auto reverse means that you can feel confident in the safety of your automated roller door.
  • These systems come standard with one remote control hand piece.
  • Brands include B&D & Merlin

From $350

Roof Ventilation

  • Adequate ventilation is required to maintain a good level of comfort inside your shed or workshop and can be required by law if you’re working with chemicals or storing stock.
  • There is a range of ventilators available and they can be easily fitted to your new or existing Fair Dinkum Shed.

From $99 each

Security Screens

  • Security is unfortunately something we must all be concerned about and hence we offer a range of security screens to deter vandalism and theft.

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  • There are a range of Skylights available for your Fair Dinkum shed. From standard opaque fibreglass skylights to the more durable and UV blocking polycarbonate type skylights.
  • The polycarbonate types look fantastic on Awning and Dutch Gables used for entertaining.

From $69 each

Steel Sliding Doors

  • Sliding doors provide flexible access to any Fair Dinkum shed, allowing you to open the door fully or just to allow personal access.
  • They’re available in Single and Double track systems.
  • Can be more cost effective than roller doors in some situations.

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